Turkey- New Customs Rules & Regulations

November 11, 2015


Turkey- New Customs Rules & Regulations

Last updated 05/11/2015 at 17:00

Turkish Customs will be implementing a new computer system for all customs clearance for express shipments arriving to Istanbul airport and all Express Operators will have to comply with new rules and regulations which will come in to effect as of 1st July 2010.

According to Rules and Regulations there will be several new requirements which MUST be complied with without fail and we foresee delays in deliveries of express shipment to Turkey.

Few of key requirements are listed below. Shipments which do not meet the new requirements and if there are rules are not followed correctly the shipper may be subject to serious penalties and delays in deliveries on express shipments.

The adaptation process and trainings for the related software and applications are still ongoing by Customs Authority in adopting the new interfaces and software’s to all local express operators in Turkey.

Therefore all of the specified points listed below must be communicated and strictly be applied to every single express shipment arriving to Istanbul.

Invoice Requirements:

Cannot use the words “PRO-FORMA INVOICE” must state “INVOICE” or “COMMERCIAL    INVOICE”.

  1. Invoice Number must be stated.
  2. Tariff Code / Commodity must be stated.
  3. Full and complete “description” including “quantity”, “unit value”.
  4. Cannot use words “samples” as description.
  5. Consignee details must be fully completed on the Invoice which must include the “company name, address, telephone number and contact name”.
  6. Country of “origin” and “manufacture” must be stated.
  7. Country of “export” must be stated.
  8. Number of “pieces” and “gross” weight must on the Invoice.

We are expecting severe delays in clearance and delivery of all material which will arrive to Istanbul from 1st July 2010 we will try to resolve any issue and will do our utmost to keep you updated.