Additional Surcharges 2016

Viva Xpress Logistics reserves the right to apply the following additional charges to all our services. 

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Type of ChargeDescriptionCharges
Fuel and Security Surcharges (FSS)A variable percentageThis is a constantly fluctuating charge please check website for current FSS.
Over Weight PieceA piece that has an actual weight that exceeds 69.00kg. The surcharge is applied only once per HAWB.
32.00 GBP per shipment + FSS
Over Sized PieceA piece that has a dimension on one side in excess of 119.00 cm. The surcharge is applied only once per HAWB and will not be applied in addition to the Over weight Piece surcharge.
32.00 GBP per shipment + FSS
Over Handled PieceA fixed surcharge is applied to any pallets within a shipment that because of its shape, packaging or content is not stackable. The Over Handled Piece surcharge applies to all export and import shipments.62.00 GBP per shipment + FSS
Address Correction
export / import VIA DHL EXPRESS ONLY
A surcharge is applied to any shipment that has an incorrect delivery address at the time of export or import and the delivery cannot be fulfilled after making efforts at the destination to determine the correct address.10.00 GBP per International shipment.

5.50 GBP per Domestic shipment.
Shipment Insurance
The provision, at individual shipment level, of declared value coverage above Standard Liability for the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment in the event of physical loss or damage. See for details.2.00% of the replacement value with a minimum charge of 17.00 GBP.
Free Domicile (DDP / DTP)
At the Shipper’s request, an setup fee for arranging invoicing of duties and taxes to the
Shipper instead of the Receiver.
Setup fee of 25.00 GBP per shipment
Free Domicile (DDP / DTP)
Taxes and Duties
At the Shipper’s request, an administration charge for invoicing duty and tax amounts levied and paid at destination to the Shipper instead of the Receiver.
NB: We are not obliged to supply duty and tax amounts in a specified time frame.
2.00 % of the duties and taxes after conversation of local charges to GBP.
(please note that DDP invoice(s) are immediately payable upon receipt)
ExhibitionsShipment to an exhibition centre may incur additional charges before delivery can be completed there maybe additional charges for entrance to the exhibition centre, car park fee, and waiting time etc. Cost + 15.00%
Returns and Undelivered ShipmentsAny shipments which cannot be cleared or delivered and returned to destination.Cost + 15.00% + FSS
Customs - High Value EntriesShipments which have a value of more than 2000 GBP require a full declaration to HMRC prior to export from UK. NB: Tariff codes declaration should be made by the original supplier.

25.00 GBP per shipment
Hard CopyProof of delivery is a method to establish the fact that the recipient received the contents sent by the sender.
5.00 GBP per shipment. This charge will only be applied if the HARD COPY POD is NOT different from the electronic version which has already been provided.

Re-packingShipment tendered to us and deemed not suitable for transport due to insufficient packaging.
We can arrange for the shipment to be re-packed by a professional packing company and our charges will be the actual cost of
re-packaging plus 25.00%
Re-deliveryShipments which cannot be delivered at 1st attempt through no fault of our agents.
Re-deliveries will be charged at cost for the actual delivery at destination plus 15.00% when applicable. + FSS
Failed CollectionsAny shipments which cannot be collected by us or our agents at the agreed time and date or subsequently cancelled without prior notice.
Failed collections will be charged at destination costs plus 15.00% when applicable + FSS
Invoice by PostViva Xpress Logistics issues all invoices as
e-invoices. We can send a hard copy invoice by post if you require
7.50 GBP per invoice sent via post.
Minimum InvoicingViva Xpress Logistics has a minimum invoicing policy of 15.00 GBP per invoice.
15.00 GBP minimum per invoice.