ISO Code: AO

Capital City: Luanda

Area: 1,246,700 km2

Population: 22,457,759

Currency: Kwanza (AOA)

International Dialling Code: +244

Agent Information

DHL Express Angola

Rua Kwamme Nkrumah, 274/276


tel: +244 222 02 19 68


Please note that you will need a DHL tracking number for your shipment which can be obtained by contacting our customer services.

Service Areas and Zip Codes

2-3 days ex LHR


2-4 days ex LHR 

Angola AOD

Should you have requirements for any kind of specials or timed delivery options please contact customer services via email at or by calling +44 (0)1753 210700.

Please note whilst we endeavour to ensure all information is correct, Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Limited cannot be held responsible for any errors on zone listings.

Customs & Clearance Information at destination

Any shipments which require formal import must have AWB and invoices clearly stating “Formal Import” in the description of Contents field, otherwise it may not be properly cleared.

All invoices must be in both English (for export process and manifesting) and in Portuguese for clearance process. Delays may occur for shipments having English invoices only.

ORIGINAL INVOICE required or piece cleared through code900 & duties will have. – All Importers into Angola must provide a tax card number before clearance can start. The consignee name has to be identical to the registered name on the tax card presented or will increase delays by at least 72 Hours.

Values declared on the AWB and Invoice must be a realistic market value.

Commercial invoices must be on company letterhead and hand written invoices will not be accepted.

Invoice MUST state detailed description of goods, quantity, per item value, total value, country of origin and incoterms.

FREE DOMICILE (DDP) service is available. If you require a DDP this must be requested before the export on the shipment, otherwise the shipment will be automatically returned back to the UK for re-export with the correct clearance instructions. There will be additional charges for the return of the shipment back to the UK.

Shipments cannot be ‘samples/gifts’ and will be returned without any notice. Creams/Cosmetics can be exported as long there is a full description such as ’50 ml Rose hand and cuticle nail cream’ MSDS must be filled out and declared as non-dangerous.

Only BIVAC is contracted to AO customs Please check commodity listing prior to shipping, for inspection requirements.

Optional inspection for products not listed, and with CIF value of >5000.00 USD.

Temp imports require pre-authorisation from customer.

General director must have clearance from LAD airfreight contact and be shipped under separate MAWB on a door to airport basis.

For all Angolan shipments – Presidential Instructions no. 265/10 – Angolan Import/ Export procedure applies. It is now mandatory to have all invoices licenced, as per below conditions, prior to importation / exportation / re-exportation operations.

Goods Invoices amounting to USD 5,000.00 and above must be licenced by the Angolan Ministry of Commerce (MINCO) prior to shipment arrival.

If consignee uses the services of a broker other than our agent appointed brokers and decides to complete the clearance with their own broker than we will not be able to to advise additional information of the status of the clearance.

Prohibited Items

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