ISO Code: EG

Capital City: Cairo

Area: 1,010,408 km2

Population: 89,786,000

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

International Dialling Code: +20

Agent Information


31 Musadek Street

Dokki, Giza


tel: +20 2 333 88466


Service Areas and Zip Codes

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2-3 day ex LHR


2-4 days ex LHR 

Egypt AOD

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Customs & Clearance Information at destination

It is forbidden to attempt to import any items considered offensive to the Muslim culture, such items include Pork, Pornography, Religious publications or effigies.

Importation of Alcoholic beverages attracts 3000% customs duty and 200% sales tax!

Tapes, Discs and films will be subject to censorship viewings before import.

All textiles and clothing are subject to a special applied tax (min applied is $25 USD) and an import licence is required for more than 4 items. Declared “Samples of textiles” must be mutilated or will be mutilated by customs (or confiscated).

Prohibited Items

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In addition to the above list, any items considered offensive to the Muslim culture.


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