Flag of Department of Mayotte Coat of arms of Department of Mayotte


ISO Code: YT

Capital City: Mamoudzou

Area: 374 km2

Population: 212,645

Currency: Euro (EUR)

International Dialling Code: +262

Agent Information

DHL International

42 Rte Nationale

97615 Parmandzi

tel: +262 26 9611404


Please note that you will need a DHL tracking number for your shipment which can be obtained by contacting our customer services.

Service Areas and Zip Codes

3-4 days ex LHR


4-5 days ex LHR 

Mayotte AOD

Should you have requirements for any kind of specials or timed delivery options please contact customer services via email at or by calling +44 (0)1753 210700.

Please note whilst we endeavour to ensure all information is correct, Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Limited cannot be held responsible for any errors on zone listings.

Customs & Clearance Information at destination

Only Commercial invoice format is accepted and must show terms of trade (Incoterms).

Import of drugs or medicines with a U.S origin is not allowed.

Import of prescription medicines MUST be accompanied by a copy of the doctors prescription or a medical certificate.

Tapes and films must show length, duration of film, purpose for import and whether black and white or colour.

Negatives or x-ray films (Items containing lead) are forbidden from import.

Any items incorrectly declared can be subject to a fine of €330 EUR which will be billed back to origin.

Prohibited Items

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In addition to the list above:- Wild Animal Skins /  Any items containing Lead.


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