DHL Import Express

December 6, 2017

Always remember to enter a message to the sender in the message to sender box to give the message some kind of context otherwise the email can be quite confusing for people.

Use the message below as a template and alter as you need to:

To arrange for collection of a thermal vision camera to be sent to Pergam-Ukraine engineering LLC in Ukraine. Please complete the booking for the time that best suits you, Please ensure you print the labels and attach them to the shipment along with a copy of the invoice prior to the collection. Please ensure the shipment is sent to the given UK address and not direct to Ukraine.

If the request to collect has an invoice attached remember to attach it to the initial request using the attach file button on the final page.

Finally we quite often get asked by the sender that they cannot remember their password, we can reset it remotely by logging into import Express and clicking the address book button at the top right. Once selected search for the sender via their nickname / details, once you have found them click the entry and you will see a red button at the bottom of the page that says reset shipper password – click that and their password is reset and a new temporary password is automatically emailed to the sender.





Finally the clearance instructions for DHL Import Express shipments are quite simple, There are 3 options:

  1. Shipment is inbound from a NON EU country and is going to be exported to a NON EU country – the shipment is to be cleared as a transhipment using CPC 0009034. (see attached example)
  2. Shipment is Inbound from Non EU country and Cnee has a deferment account we are to clear the shipment on, in this case the requestor will generally have provided this info at the time the request was sent to us, however you can always clarify with the requestor once the clearance request from DHL arrives.
  3. The shipment is inbound from Non EU country and the Cnee / Requestor wants us to clear on our account. If this is the case please make the requestor aware we charge an additional 5% of the Duty and VAT charges for our admin.

The importance of clearing the DHL shipments correctly is very high as otherwise we can quickly find ourselves accruing large bills from DHL. Follow the guidelines above and most importantly if the you are unsure speak to Phups or speak to the requestor and find out how they want the shipment cleared.

TMM and TPG shipments are always cleared using CPC 0009034 so they should not be an issue and Blue sky and Cross flight always provide clearance information / Invoices with their requests so keep an eye out for them.