Ukraine – New Customs Rules & Regulations

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Ukraine – New Customs Rules & Regulations

Last updated 05/11/2015 at 17:00

Due to recent delays in customs clearance of Non-document shipments addressed to private individuals please note the following:

1. The vague/generic description such as following examples – “Spare parts” , “Sample”, “Electric parts”, “Defective parts”, “Ship spare parts”, “Gift”, “Used goods”, “Garment sample”, “Medical instrument”, “Machinery”, Abbreviated description”, “Personal effect goods”, “Replacement or Warranty parts”, “Test goods” MUST NOT BE WRITTEN IN INVOICE AND IN HAWB.

2. Invoice should contain full and correct description. E.g.: If inside is a t-shirt then in invoice should be clearly identified composition of material, e.g. “t-shirt 100% cotton”. If the inside is a shirt then in invoice should be clearly identified composition of material and characteristic of the goods, for example “shirt with long sleeves 100% cotton”. It means that description of goods in invoice should be sufficient for correct identification of HS code and correct declaration of the goods.

3. Invoice should contain correct price. Customs clearance of the undervalued shipments will be delayed with the risk of legal charges against declarant/broker.

Any shipments which are tendered to us and which does not meet the above criteria will be held at our warehouse Viva Xpress will endeavour to notify your company as soon as possible if a shipment has not meet the above criteria.