ISO Code: UA

Capital City: Kiev

Area: 603,628 km2

Population: 42,589,633

Currency: Hryvnia (UAH)

International Dialling Code: +380

Agent Information

TMM Express LLC

Brovarska street 1,

Boryspil District,

Kiev region

08322 – Proleski


tel: +380 44 207 0775


Service Areas and Zip Codes

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Ukraine – !!! UPDATE !!!

Last updated 23/10/2015 at 16:24

We are still able to provide a hand delivery service in to most parts of Ukraine. There are still small areas of Ukraine we are not able to provide any kind of delivery service in particular to the Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea and Odessa regions in Ukraine.  If in doubt please contact our customer services team for further information.

Although the situation is stable at the moment, we will continue to monitor the situation and advise of any new changes

1-2 days ex LHR

Kiev City

2 days ex LHR  

Ukraine AOD

3 days ex LHR  

Ukraine AOD

4 days ex LHR  

Ukraine AOD

Should you have requirements for any kind of specials or timed delivery options please contact customer services via email at or by calling +44 (0)1753 210700.

Please note whilst we endeavour to ensure all information is correct, Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Limited cannot be held responsible for any errors on zone listings.

Customs & Clearance Information at destination

Company Clearance:

Import Clearance procedure for goods addressed to a company – Click here to download file

Private Individual Clearance:

Import Clearance procedure for goods addressed to a private person – Click here to download file

In addition to the above; below requirements must also be followed.

Provision of paperwork for clearance is the responsibility of the consignee.

All NDOX shipments are subject to formal clearance.

To ensure prompt clearance of shipments please indicate correct declared values on the AWB and Invoice.

Under declared shipments will will cause delay in clearance and my be subject to fines and penalties or can be confiscated by customs.

All invoice must be originally signed and stamped by the shipper.

Invoice MUST state detailed description of goods, quantity, per item value, total value, country of origin and incoterms.

A companies MUST be registered with the customs otherwise clearance cannot be completed in Ukraine.

Any shipments which has a value more than 100.00 EUR should be accompanied by an original copy of a Certificate of Origin, otherwise maximum duties and taxes will apply.

Any shipments which are NOT cleared will be returned to LHR and all associated costs will be billed back to your company.

Temporary import of any kind is NOT available even with an ATA Carnet.

Shipments addressed to a private individual

Consignments which are address to PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL can only be delivered to the following cities within Ukraine. We will endeavour to stop any consignments which have been consigned to private individual on arrival to our warehouse. However if any consignments which are exported and cannot be delivered will have either returned or destroyed and any cost associated will have to be paid by the shipper.

  • Kiev
  • Dnepropetrovsk
  • Donetsk
  • Kharkov
  • Lviv
  • Nariupol
  • Odessa
  • Simfropol

Re-delivery & Undeliverable Consignments

Re-delivery of Consignments:

Due to an overwhelming amount of deliveries which are not being completed on the 1st attempt by our agents for reasons which are beyond our control, Viva Xpress has been forced to implement a re-delivery charge back policy to cover the additional costs of re-deliveries of such consignments. All consignments departing from our office are tracked and monitored once entered into our system and will endeavour to give you a prior notification of any re-delivery along with the total charges as soon as this information is made available to us by our agents.

This information will be sent to you by your preferred method of communication which has previously been specified to us by your company as well as always being available via your track and trace facility on our web site. Please note the information containing the total charges will be sent ONLY once from our system and NO further notification about charges will be sent unless a further additional delivery is required for your consignment however the information which has been sent to your company will always be available on the track and trace details of the consignment.

We are aware there may be a number of reasons for us not to be able to deliver your consignment on the 1st attempt however we consider the following listed below valid reasons for applying a re-delivery charge to your consignments;

Unable to locate the address (assuming incorrect or incomplete details have been given on hawb)

  • Incorrect address
  • Consignee not known at address
  • Shipment refused
  • Not in / closed on delivery – will re-attempt tomorrow
  • Not in / closed on delivery – calling card left
  • Future Delivery Requested (assuming this is not organised in advance of 1st delivery attempt)
  • Consignee moved

Undeliverable Consignments;

A shipment is considered as undeliverable if;

  • The consignee address is incomplete, illegible, incorrect or cannot be located
  • The delivery is impossible because of the unavailability or refusal of an appropriate person to accept delivery of the shipment on the initial delivery attempt or subsequent re-attempts
  • The shipment is unable to clear customs
  • The shipment is likely to cause damage or delay to other consignments or goods, or injury to persons
  • The shipment contains prohibited items
  • The consignee is unable to pay or refuses to pay for taxes and duties
  • The shipment packaging is damaged to the extent that re-wrapping is not possible If a consignment is undeliverable for any reason.

Viva Xpress Logistics will endeavour to notify your company as soon as possible to arrange the return of the consignment, without prejudice to any local regulatory constraints. If your company does not respond within a suitable time specified by Viva Xpress then we reserve the right to make arrangements to return or dispose of the consignment. Your company will be liable for any and all costs, charges and fees incurred in returning, storing or disposing of an undeliverable consignment, unless the consignment was undeliverable due to the fault of Viva Xpress Logistics. For returned consignment containing dangerous goods, the sender must supply a completed return Air Waybill and all the other documents.

Prohibited Items

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