United Kingdom


A flag featuring both cross and saltire in red, white and blue Coat of arms containing shield and crown in centre, flanked by lion and unicorn


ISO Code: GB

Capital City: London

Area: 243,610 km2

Population: 64,966,114

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)

International Dialling Code: +44

Agent Information

Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Limited

World Xpress Centre

Galleymead Road




tel: +44 (0) 1753 210700

fax: +44 (0)1753 210709

email: support@vxlnet.co.uk

Service Areas and Zip Codes

Same Day as Standard Ex LHR – Close out 09:30 on days 

City Zone:

E1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4

W1, WC1, WC2,

SE1, SW1

Zone 1:

SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10


Zone 3:


SW2, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW11-SW20

Zone 4:


Nextday ex LHR: Close out 19:00 on days and 13:00 on day 6

All Mainland

including  E2-E18 & N1-N20

Isle of Wight

1 days ex LHR

Scottish Highlands – Zone 1

2-3 days ex LHR

Scottish Highlands – Zone 2

3 days ex LHR

Scottish Highlands – Zone 3

4 days ex LHR

Scottish Offshore Islands

Should you have requirements for any kind of specials or timed delivery options please contact customer services via email at support@vxlnet.co.uk or by calling +44 (0)1753 210700.

Please note whilst we endeavour to ensure all information is correct, Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Limited cannot be held responsible for any errors on zone listings.

Customs & Clearance Information at destination

The low value threshold for clearance into UK is GBP 15.00. Items above this value must be individually cleared and will attract import duty and taxes.

Items destined for the UK with a value above GBP 600.00 must be cleared with a valid UK VAT/EORI number. (This does not apply to private individuals importing goods).

Goods containing alcohol must be sent with a detailed invoice declaring volume of liquid and percentage of Alcohol.

Importation of personal effects is only possible if a C3 form is filled out by the owner of the items at shipping point and this form is accompanying the goods into UK.

Foodstuff (particularly meat, fish & dairy products) require licences for import and you are advised to check with Viva Xpress prior to shipping as such goods arriving to LHR without correct paperwork will be RTO at shippers expense.


C3 form

Prohibited Items

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As well as above list: Any items violating British Trademarks/Copyrights are strictly prohibited & Items imitating any branded goods. Cigarettes to private individuals.


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