February 10, 2017

What is a ‘Denied Party’?

A ‘denied party’ is an individual or entity that is subject to sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, US or another relevant authority. It is strictly prohibited for any other carrier, to transport shipments on behalf of or to these individual or entities.

What is the sanctions listing?

A governing sanctions list is a listing of known denied parties (individuals or entities), that are prohibited from shipping goods around the world. This could be due to a number of reasons – one very sever example being a direct link to a terror organisation.

We have to place any shipments on hold that are a potential match while they are investigated by customs. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a time frame for this to be completed. 

Presently DHL Express are the only carrier which is fully apply the Denied Party on export shipment and below is a brief explanation of the procedure applied by DHL Express.

What does DHL do? 

DHL as an approved economic operator, is deemed responsible to perform its own due diligence and ensure that they are not facilitating the transportation of goods for individuals or entities listed on a government sanctions list. To do this,  DHL has a dedicated team of professionals based in Prague, that screen shipments constantly for the validity of each match or link between the shipper, consignee and those listed on the governing sanctions list.

What if there is a match?

Should there be a potential match between a denied party and the shipper or recipient on the paperwork of a shipment, we may be asked to contact the UK shipper or receiver to provide further information to release the goods. In the majority of cases, this is simply to demonstrate that DHL have sufficient evidence to prove that the shipper or receiver is not the same individual or entity that is listed on a governing sanctions list.

Please monitor the system for updates. If anything is needed we will contact yourselves directly.