GDPR Supplier Questionaire

Dear Supplier,

Here at Viva Xpress Logistics, we are committed to securing and protecting personal data that we process and being GDPR compliant. As part of our compliance program, it is necessary to audit our supply chain.

We intend our clients to be confident that while tendering shipments with us, that their persons as well as their personal information will be secure.

Our reputation will rely upon our use of your systems. As our partner, we ask that you join us in the assessment of data security and privacy measures, from the technical to the procedural. We need to evaluate the data security protocols of your product(s) and service(s) as well as to understand your company's commitment and vision via your statement of GDPR compliance for the product(s) and service(s) that you provide to us.

This is required as we believe that GDPR compliance will be 'business critical' for any business providing goods and services to EU(European) resident from 25th May 2018. This applies to any personal information held on our clients and where it is stored - which may affect our business contract in terms of where our information records are stored.

In order to continue doing business with Viva Xpress Logistics you must be GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018. If you believe that you do not meet these requirements, let us know immediately. GDPR is all about the clients right to privacy for their data. We are aiming for certainty that our data strategy at least achieves the obligations of maintaining compliance of GDPR.

If you believe you are compliant, please complete the short online questionnaire and submit to us asap.


Management of Viva Xpress Logistics

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